Forlorn Fables

Chronicles of the Rising Sun: Chapter 3
Terror in the Crags

The Rising Sun sets out on its first venture. A shipment was lost in rout to the Ivory Coast, the mission is to retrieve the goods. The Terror Crags are a short trip from the Ivory Coast, and the journey is uneventful. The Crags are composed of a large central planetoid surrounded by six other planetoids of varying size. Each is covered with thick jungle and infested with dangerous primal beasts. There are also rumors of bandits using this area as a base of operation.

After a significant amount of arguing the quartet of adventurers decides to split up and search the smaller planetoids first. Lucius and Artemis team up much to her delight and his dismay. They leap from the ship and set foot upon a lush canopy of leaves and branches. Lucius manages to fall from the heights into a thorny bush while Artemis gracefully descends the tree.

The pair stumble upon an abandoned pic-nic and scour the area. Artemis finds a set of tracks leading out into the foliage. After more arguing over tactics they decide to carefully follow in search of the being responsible.

After some time Lucius catches the sound of their prey in his pointed ears. Artemis however is currently distracted by an angry bee’s nest. Lucius is forced to dispatch the bees before they both track down the mysterious figure.

A small lizard creature seems to be hunting with a spear and a bag of something which smells awful. Artemis approaches with diplomacy and finds the creature speaks only draconic, but is very nice. Lucius is left in the dark as all he can hear are the wild yips of a salamander. Yeetsaahn, the kobold, had not seen their missing shipment, but believes his chief may have. The wide eyed adventures set out for the village, but not before being splashed with a helpful dose of troll dung.

The lizard folk are more than welcoming to Lucius’ dismay. The chief tells of a great dragon ship which may have destroyed the cargo ship and taken the cargo. Lucius and Artemis take the information and prepare to depart. Yeetsaahn asks to tag along and they both agree.

Meanwhile Wren and Hakuzo set foot on their planetoid. Wren, using her expert tracking skills, discovers a hidden camp sight. Searching it over reveals a hidden satchel with a missive inside. The letter is a set of instructions concerning the destruction of the cargo ship. It is signed “Captain of the Crimson Drake”.

Intent on finding the owner of the letter Wren and Hakuzo set out. Once again, following broken twigs and bent grass, Wren finds the scout and surprises her with a knife to the back. The scout prepares to fight back, but Hakuzo intervenes with a charm spell. Now a friend, the scout reveals she was sent by the Captain of the Crimson Drake to help disable the cargo ship. However, she did not take part in the loot and has been awaiting pick up. She planned to signal the ship with a special coin, but handed it over to Wren instead.

Wren and Hakuzo return to the ship and share their discoveries with the Katheryn, Lucius, and Artemis. Katheryn realizes the true nature of the coin and attempts to keep the Crimson Drake from spying on them. Katheryn also knows the captain of the aforementioned ship, Tylor Deveneaux. Using her former relationship with him, she lures the Crimson Drake out of hiding and sneaks Lucius, Wren, Artemis, and Yeetsaahn on board the enemy vessel in a large crate.

Chronicles of the Rising Sun: Chapter 2
An elf, tiefling, and human walk into a bar...

Following the reading of the letter Hakuzo suggests dealing with the mountain-kin. As it seems Grummish and Grom are the only ones standing between the heirs and their ship. The others agree and the group sets out for the Mystic Candle.

They smell the third rate dive before they see it. A strange smoky mist wafts through the streets clinging to patrons who seem far to happy to be here. Approaching the establishment reveals a gaping hole rather than a door, and a stream of drunken men and women coming and going.

Lucius enters first finding the intoxicating fumes to powerful to resist. The Mystic Candle upon the counter, a tower of random colored wax blobs squished together, works its charm and the hapless fighter believes he is in paradise.

Artemis enters second finding the fumes equally tempting. She however falls more fully to the spell and beings dancing provocatively on tables whilst cat calling the men folk.

Wren enters last using her innate sense of what is natural to resist the effects of the candle. Taking note of her punch drunk friends, she interrogates the bar keep as to the location of the mountain-kin. Met with quiet fear she gives up and turns back to her associates. Only to find the pair being lead away by two bouncers. Artemis still clings to a small goblet of bubbling pink liquid, no doubt the house special.

The trio find themselves lead into a secret lounge hid by a common illusion. Here they find Hakuzo waiting at a table set aside just for them. After a short wait the room clears of entertainment and patrons leaving the adventurers to their thoughts. This short lived silence is broken by a series of strange grunts followed by a smooth booming voice.

Grummish and Grom, a rather large Ettin, take their seat across from the wayward travelers. Wren negotiates with the warlord Grummish as Grom the crime lord does not speak common. Hakuzo remains silent as negotiating the terms for others would be less then neutral. All this while Lucius and Artemis remain aloof.

A deal is reached. The heirs will work for the mountain-kin earning 30% of what they bring in. In time they will pay off the ship’s debt and be free to work on their own terms. Grummish informs the sea bound troupe that a captain and crew will be provided. Finally they return to the ship to find it being swabbed and hoisted by the new crew.

Lucius boards first, striking up a conversation with the captain a Miss Katheryn. The other’s board the ship eyeing the crew over with distaste before joining the conversation. As it stands Katheryn and her crew are being payed by the mountain-kin and will serve the heirs as long as they hall in loot for their employer. It seems Katheryn shares a similar fate as the adventurers if they are to fail.

Katheryn attempts to dismiss herself and have a private conversation with her first mate. Lucius employs his pointed ears and discovers Katheryn and her crew are hiding something, but plan to keep it under wraps for a few more weeks. However, he choose to share the information only with Hakuzo leaving his associates in the dark.

As everyone beds down in preparation for the first voyage, Katheryn asks for a moment alone with Lucius. Artemis, every envious of the handsome soldier, refuses. Only to be lead away by Hakuzo who is attempting to keep peace between the heirs and the captain.

Hakuzo charms Artemis with his music and whimsy. She finds this a bit confusing and yet flattering.

Katheryn explains to Lucius that she has a secret. Though she cannot tell him now, she needs to be sure at least one of the heirs will speak on her behalf should it come to light before its time. Lucius reluctantly agrees, but likely to gain her trust rather than give his away.

Finally everyone is sleeping and the evening passes without delay.

Chronicles of the Rising Sun: Chapter 1
Signed, sealed, and delivered

The adventure begins on the docks of the Ivory Coast. Though unlike most merchant quarters this particular venue floats in the endless void of the Astral plane. Here, the three potential heirs arrive hoping to lay claim to their ship. However, upon entering the dock master’s quarters they each discover a stranger holds a part of their wealth. It seems not one but several letters of inheritance where sent out. Each to an unsuspecting recipient, and each signed by the former captain, Marcus Drake.

Artemis, a she-devil, arrives first. Though inter-planer travel is common to both fiends and wizards, this particular adventurer seems caught off guard. The dock master attempts to explain a hairy gentleman has already laid claim to the ship. But this only leads to a needlessly complicated altercation with the horned wizard.

Lucius arrives in time to catch the end of this unruly conversation. As a former soldier of the Imperium, he has learned to evaluate any situation before taking part. This includes gleaning information through the art of eaves dropping.

The she-devil leaves in a huff attempting to reach the ship before the hairy one can do any damage. Lucius, aware of the questionable nature of his letter, lingers behind to interrogate the dock master. After explaining the multiple inheritance letters, the dock master reveals that the ship is in fact owned by a rather wealthy tenant of the Merchant’s quarter. An unsavory type known as Grummish and Grom. As the Imperium sees the need to tax ships for docking services the Rising Sun had incurred white the debt over the last decade. The warlord/crime lord had taken the liberty of paying it off; only to wait for its rightful owner to arrive in search of it.

Wren, a cantankerous ranger, is the last to arrive. Lucius is making his way out to the ship as she arrives. This leaves her free to speak with the dock master who, out of sheer boredom of repeating himself, simply repeats everything he has already said. Though, not without first authenticating the letter.

The three arrive at the gang plank and reach an awkward impasse as no one is sure who should board first. The wizard takes point heading directly below deck in search of any goods which may have been left by the previous owner. The ranger makes her way to the captain’s cabin. Finding it locked she immediately begins picking the lock. The Fighter boards the ship only to catch the faint tune of sea shanty in his pointed ears. Making his way up to the crow’s nest he finds the hairy one.

A short slender fox-man rests against the circular banister. His long bushy tail twitches along with the melody wafting from his lute. Lucius introduces himself and alerts the fox to their co-ownership of the vessel. The fox returns the courtesy revealing his name to be Hakuzo. The two agree to keep things between themselves as a fail safe against any questionable motives of the other two heirs.

Artemis finds the bowels of the ship empty of anything useful. However, she does discover a strange metallic rod suspended by two chains. Rather than consulting her immense arcane knowledge she leaves the curious item and heads up to the deck.

Wren is unable to pick the lock, however Artemis arrives and conjures a lock pick. The two successfully open the door as both Lucius and Hakuzo arrive. The four enter the cabin and divide in search of important items. Lucius finds a hammock and quickly takes the opportunity to nap. Artemis looks over an armoire, but finds nothing of note. Hakuzo seems far too distracted by the wood paneling on the floor to search further. Wren makes her way the desk and, after picking the lock, finds a letter explaining most of what is going on.

Marcus Drake, the former and long since missing captain of the Rising Sun, searched far and wide for those who would one day take his place. Each of the heirs was chosen in their youth. Drake marked each one and set up the letters to be sent out at the point of his untimely death. The letter concludes with a suggestion to settle who is captain the old fashioned way.

Tawnywood Troubles Part 2: Tea time with Matilda
An ominous forest, a nameless noble, a strange curse...

As the adventure continues a host of new companions join the seasoned Bard in his attempt to recover the bandit’s treasure. However, the Witch of Tawnywood has other plans. Upon returning to the mansion the party and the children are assaulted by huge constrictor snakes. The snakes inevitably turn out to be humans transformed by the curse.; though unknowingly one is slain while the others spared. After retreating into the mansion for a night of rest the adventurers find themselves face to face with a Minotaur who fails to kill anyone, but does succeed in his true task. The children are taken by flight as the two previously snake people transformed into giant eagles and absconded in the night.

The adventures waiting until the morning to make chase to the north. This uncovered Dire a huge mountain with several peaks and valleys. Shrouded in darkness and inhabited by forces of evil, it was almost too much for the adventurers to continue. But they pressed on and stumbled upon a odd cottage nestled in the stony paths. Here a strange well dressed women welcomed then in for tea. After a series of misunderstandings they discovered her to be a powerful being more interested in trading for mortal labor than eating anyone. She offered the task of unraveling the secrets of a strange wooden cube. Upon succeeding to some degree she rewarded one the adventurer the power to perceive the truth of things masked in transmutation magic. After which the party headed out for the eagles nest where the children are likely being held…

Tawnywood Troubles Part 1: The Teddy Bear's Picnic
An ominous forest, a nameless noble, a strange curse...

The forlorn adventurers set out from the Mystic Candle to find themselves in the shadows of Tawnywood. They stumble upon an overturned coach beset by a vicious bear. The bear is dispatched leaving a dead man in its place. The coach is looted to discover a noble woman hiding within. After being freed she leads the adventurers on to her dilapidated manor in an attempt to dispatch the bandits who have taken residence. Upon arrival they discover a deception and the noble woman claims to be a servant in disguise. In a losing battle the bandits attempt to kill off any hostages and succeed in killing the Noble woman, her brother, and a child. The two remaining children offer to lead the adventurers on to the treasure the bandits had hidden away…


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