Forlorn Fables

Chronicles of the Rising Sun: Chapter 1

Signed, sealed, and delivered

The adventure begins on the docks of the Ivory Coast. Though unlike most merchant quarters this particular venue floats in the endless void of the Astral plane. Here, the three potential heirs arrive hoping to lay claim to their ship. However, upon entering the dock master’s quarters they each discover a stranger holds a part of their wealth. It seems not one but several letters of inheritance where sent out. Each to an unsuspecting recipient, and each signed by the former captain, Marcus Drake.

Artemis, a she-devil, arrives first. Though inter-planer travel is common to both fiends and wizards, this particular adventurer seems caught off guard. The dock master attempts to explain a hairy gentleman has already laid claim to the ship. But this only leads to a needlessly complicated altercation with the horned wizard.

Lucius arrives in time to catch the end of this unruly conversation. As a former soldier of the Imperium, he has learned to evaluate any situation before taking part. This includes gleaning information through the art of eaves dropping.

The she-devil leaves in a huff attempting to reach the ship before the hairy one can do any damage. Lucius, aware of the questionable nature of his letter, lingers behind to interrogate the dock master. After explaining the multiple inheritance letters, the dock master reveals that the ship is in fact owned by a rather wealthy tenant of the Merchant’s quarter. An unsavory type known as Grummish and Grom. As the Imperium sees the need to tax ships for docking services the Rising Sun had incurred white the debt over the last decade. The warlord/crime lord had taken the liberty of paying it off; only to wait for its rightful owner to arrive in search of it.

Wren, a cantankerous ranger, is the last to arrive. Lucius is making his way out to the ship as she arrives. This leaves her free to speak with the dock master who, out of sheer boredom of repeating himself, simply repeats everything he has already said. Though, not without first authenticating the letter.

The three arrive at the gang plank and reach an awkward impasse as no one is sure who should board first. The wizard takes point heading directly below deck in search of any goods which may have been left by the previous owner. The ranger makes her way to the captain’s cabin. Finding it locked she immediately begins picking the lock. The Fighter boards the ship only to catch the faint tune of sea shanty in his pointed ears. Making his way up to the crow’s nest he finds the hairy one.

A short slender fox-man rests against the circular banister. His long bushy tail twitches along with the melody wafting from his lute. Lucius introduces himself and alerts the fox to their co-ownership of the vessel. The fox returns the courtesy revealing his name to be Hakuzo. The two agree to keep things between themselves as a fail safe against any questionable motives of the other two heirs.

Artemis finds the bowels of the ship empty of anything useful. However, she does discover a strange metallic rod suspended by two chains. Rather than consulting her immense arcane knowledge she leaves the curious item and heads up to the deck.

Wren is unable to pick the lock, however Artemis arrives and conjures a lock pick. The two successfully open the door as both Lucius and Hakuzo arrive. The four enter the cabin and divide in search of important items. Lucius finds a hammock and quickly takes the opportunity to nap. Artemis looks over an armoire, but finds nothing of note. Hakuzo seems far too distracted by the wood paneling on the floor to search further. Wren makes her way the desk and, after picking the lock, finds a letter explaining most of what is going on.

Marcus Drake, the former and long since missing captain of the Rising Sun, searched far and wide for those who would one day take his place. Each of the heirs was chosen in their youth. Drake marked each one and set up the letters to be sent out at the point of his untimely death. The letter concludes with a suggestion to settle who is captain the old fashioned way.



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