Forlorn Fables

Chronicles of the Rising Sun: Chapter 2

An elf, tiefling, and human walk into a bar...

Following the reading of the letter Hakuzo suggests dealing with the mountain-kin. As it seems Grummish and Grom are the only ones standing between the heirs and their ship. The others agree and the group sets out for the Mystic Candle.

They smell the third rate dive before they see it. A strange smoky mist wafts through the streets clinging to patrons who seem far to happy to be here. Approaching the establishment reveals a gaping hole rather than a door, and a stream of drunken men and women coming and going.

Lucius enters first finding the intoxicating fumes to powerful to resist. The Mystic Candle upon the counter, a tower of random colored wax blobs squished together, works its charm and the hapless fighter believes he is in paradise.

Artemis enters second finding the fumes equally tempting. She however falls more fully to the spell and beings dancing provocatively on tables whilst cat calling the men folk.

Wren enters last using her innate sense of what is natural to resist the effects of the candle. Taking note of her punch drunk friends, she interrogates the bar keep as to the location of the mountain-kin. Met with quiet fear she gives up and turns back to her associates. Only to find the pair being lead away by two bouncers. Artemis still clings to a small goblet of bubbling pink liquid, no doubt the house special.

The trio find themselves lead into a secret lounge hid by a common illusion. Here they find Hakuzo waiting at a table set aside just for them. After a short wait the room clears of entertainment and patrons leaving the adventurers to their thoughts. This short lived silence is broken by a series of strange grunts followed by a smooth booming voice.

Grummish and Grom, a rather large Ettin, take their seat across from the wayward travelers. Wren negotiates with the warlord Grummish as Grom the crime lord does not speak common. Hakuzo remains silent as negotiating the terms for others would be less then neutral. All this while Lucius and Artemis remain aloof.

A deal is reached. The heirs will work for the mountain-kin earning 30% of what they bring in. In time they will pay off the ship’s debt and be free to work on their own terms. Grummish informs the sea bound troupe that a captain and crew will be provided. Finally they return to the ship to find it being swabbed and hoisted by the new crew.

Lucius boards first, striking up a conversation with the captain a Miss Katheryn. The other’s board the ship eyeing the crew over with distaste before joining the conversation. As it stands Katheryn and her crew are being payed by the mountain-kin and will serve the heirs as long as they hall in loot for their employer. It seems Katheryn shares a similar fate as the adventurers if they are to fail.

Katheryn attempts to dismiss herself and have a private conversation with her first mate. Lucius employs his pointed ears and discovers Katheryn and her crew are hiding something, but plan to keep it under wraps for a few more weeks. However, he choose to share the information only with Hakuzo leaving his associates in the dark.

As everyone beds down in preparation for the first voyage, Katheryn asks for a moment alone with Lucius. Artemis, every envious of the handsome soldier, refuses. Only to be lead away by Hakuzo who is attempting to keep peace between the heirs and the captain.

Hakuzo charms Artemis with his music and whimsy. She finds this a bit confusing and yet flattering.

Katheryn explains to Lucius that she has a secret. Though she cannot tell him now, she needs to be sure at least one of the heirs will speak on her behalf should it come to light before its time. Lucius reluctantly agrees, but likely to gain her trust rather than give his away.

Finally everyone is sleeping and the evening passes without delay.



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