Forlorn Fables

Chronicles of the Rising Sun: Chapter 3

Terror in the Crags

The Rising Sun sets out on its first venture. A shipment was lost in rout to the Ivory Coast, the mission is to retrieve the goods. The Terror Crags are a short trip from the Ivory Coast, and the journey is uneventful. The Crags are composed of a large central planetoid surrounded by six other planetoids of varying size. Each is covered with thick jungle and infested with dangerous primal beasts. There are also rumors of bandits using this area as a base of operation.

After a significant amount of arguing the quartet of adventurers decides to split up and search the smaller planetoids first. Lucius and Artemis team up much to her delight and his dismay. They leap from the ship and set foot upon a lush canopy of leaves and branches. Lucius manages to fall from the heights into a thorny bush while Artemis gracefully descends the tree.

The pair stumble upon an abandoned pic-nic and scour the area. Artemis finds a set of tracks leading out into the foliage. After more arguing over tactics they decide to carefully follow in search of the being responsible.

After some time Lucius catches the sound of their prey in his pointed ears. Artemis however is currently distracted by an angry bee’s nest. Lucius is forced to dispatch the bees before they both track down the mysterious figure.

A small lizard creature seems to be hunting with a spear and a bag of something which smells awful. Artemis approaches with diplomacy and finds the creature speaks only draconic, but is very nice. Lucius is left in the dark as all he can hear are the wild yips of a salamander. Yeetsaahn, the kobold, had not seen their missing shipment, but believes his chief may have. The wide eyed adventures set out for the village, but not before being splashed with a helpful dose of troll dung.

The lizard folk are more than welcoming to Lucius’ dismay. The chief tells of a great dragon ship which may have destroyed the cargo ship and taken the cargo. Lucius and Artemis take the information and prepare to depart. Yeetsaahn asks to tag along and they both agree.

Meanwhile Wren and Hakuzo set foot on their planetoid. Wren, using her expert tracking skills, discovers a hidden camp sight. Searching it over reveals a hidden satchel with a missive inside. The letter is a set of instructions concerning the destruction of the cargo ship. It is signed “Captain of the Crimson Drake”.

Intent on finding the owner of the letter Wren and Hakuzo set out. Once again, following broken twigs and bent grass, Wren finds the scout and surprises her with a knife to the back. The scout prepares to fight back, but Hakuzo intervenes with a charm spell. Now a friend, the scout reveals she was sent by the Captain of the Crimson Drake to help disable the cargo ship. However, she did not take part in the loot and has been awaiting pick up. She planned to signal the ship with a special coin, but handed it over to Wren instead.

Wren and Hakuzo return to the ship and share their discoveries with the Katheryn, Lucius, and Artemis. Katheryn realizes the true nature of the coin and attempts to keep the Crimson Drake from spying on them. Katheryn also knows the captain of the aforementioned ship, Tylor Deveneaux. Using her former relationship with him, she lures the Crimson Drake out of hiding and sneaks Lucius, Wren, Artemis, and Yeetsaahn on board the enemy vessel in a large crate.



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