Forlorn Fables

Tawnywood Troubles Part 1: The Teddy Bear's Picnic

An ominous forest, a nameless noble, a strange curse...

The forlorn adventurers set out from the Mystic Candle to find themselves in the shadows of Tawnywood. They stumble upon an overturned coach beset by a vicious bear. The bear is dispatched leaving a dead man in its place. The coach is looted to discover a noble woman hiding within. After being freed she leads the adventurers on to her dilapidated manor in an attempt to dispatch the bandits who have taken residence. Upon arrival they discover a deception and the noble woman claims to be a servant in disguise. In a losing battle the bandits attempt to kill off any hostages and succeed in killing the Noble woman, her brother, and a child. The two remaining children offer to lead the adventurers on to the treasure the bandits had hidden away…



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