Forlorn Fables

Tawnywood Troubles Part 2: Tea time with Matilda

An ominous forest, a nameless noble, a strange curse...

As the adventure continues a host of new companions join the seasoned Bard in his attempt to recover the bandit’s treasure. However, the Witch of Tawnywood has other plans. Upon returning to the mansion the party and the children are assaulted by huge constrictor snakes. The snakes inevitably turn out to be humans transformed by the curse.; though unknowingly one is slain while the others spared. After retreating into the mansion for a night of rest the adventurers find themselves face to face with a Minotaur who fails to kill anyone, but does succeed in his true task. The children are taken by flight as the two previously snake people transformed into giant eagles and absconded in the night.

The adventures waiting until the morning to make chase to the north. This uncovered Dire a huge mountain with several peaks and valleys. Shrouded in darkness and inhabited by forces of evil, it was almost too much for the adventurers to continue. But they pressed on and stumbled upon a odd cottage nestled in the stony paths. Here a strange well dressed women welcomed then in for tea. After a series of misunderstandings they discovered her to be a powerful being more interested in trading for mortal labor than eating anyone. She offered the task of unraveling the secrets of a strange wooden cube. Upon succeeding to some degree she rewarded one the adventurer the power to perceive the truth of things masked in transmutation magic. After which the party headed out for the eagles nest where the children are likely being held…



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