Illithid factions

While the Illithids of the astral plane appear united; sub-factions within the unity exist. As a rule each faction rebels against one another yet unites against the common foe, however as the years pass each sub-faction becomes more bold and threatens to shatter the unity.

The Schism

Flag: An elder brain being torn in two, usually on a field of green.

The faction began as a subconscious tremor in the depths of the Elder Brain. In time the resonance spread to a portion of the inner counsel and poisoned their minds against unity as an idea. Though they would never act directly against the whole, they silently despise those who lead and secretly fly their own flag while sailing the astral seas.

The Apostates

Flag: A sapphire eye with telepathic power emanating from it, on a field of gold.

Far bolder than most other factions in their rebellion the Apostates have broken from the tradition and religion of the Illithid race. Though they still swear unwavering loyalty to the Elder Brain they follow their own customs and hierarchy which makes them pariahs among their comrades and often confrontational on the battle field. They often fly their own flag to be segregated with ships of like mindedness.


Flag: The tentacles of an Illithid clutching a skull, on a field of black.

Though not entirely supported by the ruling faction this sect of Illithid carry racial supremacy to the extreme. Often killing non Illithids on sight they prove to be an unpredictable foe. As a rule zealot ships do not participate in military activities, but instead wander the astral plane furthering the supremacy of their race. Their flag serves as a warning to all non Illithids.

The Absolution

Flag: A crimson eye atop a golden pyramid, on a field of silver.

As the ruling faction of the Astral Illithids it is single greatest threat to transplanar beings. Ruled by Houn’Gul’yl who acts as the mediator of the elder brain, they seek to bring all sentient life under their dominion. Though civil in all manner diplomatic, the Absolutionists use niceties as a cover for more sinister agendas.

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Illithid factions

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