Chronicles of the Rising Sun

The seven Planar seas have depths untold and treasures unspoiled. No man or beast has dared sail them all. That is, until Marcus Drake lead a fearless crew through fire and blood to build a perfect ship for the job, The Rising Sun. Now the ship and all its potential has passed to you his heir. With only a book of fables and a whisper of promise, you will set out across the greatest seas in the universe to uncover the most coveted treasures of lore, and forge a legacy none will soon forget.


The book

Tales of Treasure and Terror

Locations of interest on the Astral Plane

The Spire
The Winding Wilds
The Keep
The Grass Lands
Dark Haven
The Ivory Coast (Astral)

Factions of the Astral Plane

Illithid factions

Nomadic factions

Transplanar factions

Astral factions

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Chronicles of the Rising Sun

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